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After 50 years of providing solutions to customers, We Can has built up a range of specialised replacement product parts and specific services which utilise our unique variety of machines and knowledge to optimise the performance and reliability of our customers machines.

With the purchase of Eric Paton Limited’s stock and IP, we also now stock and produce high quality woodcutters and heads, branding irons and indent wheels, supplied throughout New Zealand and Australia. From factory to workshop and bee keeping to wine making, our woodcutter and branding products are used in a wide range of industries.

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Our Range of Products

Wood Working Cutters & Heads

All cutters and cutter heads are manufactured  from high quality tool and tensile steels, then dynamically balanced on completion.


Branding Irons

We Can manufacture a full range of high quality branding irons, both LPG and Electric for all types of industry.


Branding + Indent Wheels

We Can manufacture a full range of high quality indent wheels manufactured to your requirements and case hardened.



New parts can be manufactured to precision tolerances and worn parts can be repaired and reground.


Electropower Gear boxes

We Can have the capability to service, refurbish and rebuild all electropower gear boxes to exacting standards.


Gear Cutting & Gearboxes

We Can has a comprehensive range of gear cutting equipment and can offer a fast turnaround for any breakdowns.


Knives + Blades

We Can offers a wide range of knife and blade sharpening options and manufacture a large range of industrial knives and blades.


Tow Ball Reduction

We Can’s ability to solve the problems of oversize tow hitch systems has made us an integral part of the vehicle sales process.



We Can’s refurbished lobe, centrifugal, metering and gear pumps will perform like a new pump, but at a fraction of the cost.

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