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Our CNC precision engineering workshop offers turning, cylindrical and CNC surface grinding, gear cutting, milling, broaching, EDM wire cutting, multitasking and 5-axis machining with robot loading and CMM capability to give assurance of our quality.

More than just a name, We Can represents the approach we take to projects and the service we provide to our customers. Founded in 1971, we are known and respected for our problem-solving approach, our design capabilities and as a manufacturer of complex components & critical engineering spare parts.

Over 50 years, we have developed an extensive library of solutions for many different industry applications while we continually seek to explore new ideas and form productive partnerships with like-minded businesses.


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Our Range of Solutions

Contract Manufacturing

We Can has a history of working in partnership with R&D teams, low volume manufacturers, inventors and start-up companies.


Food Processing + Packaging

We Can supplies critical engineering spares to keep the food industry’s filling lines and packaging equipment operational..



We Can is a leading supplier of critical engineering parts to the canning industry in Australasia and now world-wide.


Meat Processing

We Can manufactures a wide range of spare parts and change components for machinery used in the meat industry.


Wool Processing

Many machines in the wool industry are old and have been discontinued by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).



We Can manufactures quality custom motorsport components for an industry that needs rapid access to spares.


Wood Working Cutters & Heads

All cutters and cutter heads are manufactured  from high quality tool and tensile steels, then dynamically balanced on completion.


Branding Irons

We Can manufacture a full range of high quality branding irons, both LPG and Electric for all types of industry.


Branding + Indent Wheels

We Can manufacture a full range of high quality indent wheels manufactured to your requirements and case hardened.



New parts can be manufactured to precision tolerances and worn parts can be repaired and reground.


Electropower Gear boxes

We Can have the capability to service, refurbish and rebuild all electropower gear boxes to exacting standards.


Gear Cutting & Gearboxes

We Can has a comprehensive range of gear cutting equipment and can offer a fast turnaround for any breakdowns.


Knives + Blades

We Can offers a wide range of knife and blade sharpening options and manufacture a large range of industrial knives and blades.


Tow Ball Reduction

We Can’s ability to solve the problems of oversize tow hitch systems has made us an integral part of the vehicle sales process.



We Can’s refurbished lobe, centrifugal, metering and gear pumps will perform like a new pump, but at a fraction of the cost.

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