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We Can have experience in manufacturing, reconditioning, design & build of custom and replacement pumps and parts used for a variety of products including milk, butter, meat, lubrication, water, food sauce and glue.

We machine the original housing, restoring it to a near-new state. We then make new customised internals to achieve clearances similar to the original manufacture and on request, can provide new or refurbished shafts, gears, seals or bearings.

We have developed lubrication systems and replacement seal cartridges to improve maintenance and longevity of pumps.

We also hold a range of common parts for pumps, when critical spares are required, and stock a small supply of refurbished pumps suitable for immediate exchange.

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We Can’s refurbished lobe, centrifugal, metering and gear pumps will perform like a new pump, but at a fraction of the cost.

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