We Can has a reputation for manufacturing quality custom motorsport components for an industry that needs rapid access to spares.

Most standard parts are not designed for the rigors of motorsport. Our engineers have the expertise to assess any part to see if a design change can improve performance. We are also able to make parts lighter or stronger, or manufacture new parts for classic cars where spares are no longer available.

We supply critical engineering parts including:

  • Flywheels

  • Main bearing caps

  • Crank shafts

  • Steering and suspension components

  • Custom gears

  • Gear shafts

  • Half shafts and axles

  • Torsion bars

  • Brake rotor top hats

  • Cylinder heads

  • Timing belts

  • Belt drives

  • Sprockets

  • Racks and pinions


Phone : + 64 6 879 7561

Fax : + 64 6 879 7147

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