Planing & Profiling Heads

We Can has complemented the locally manufactured EPL Planer Head range with quality imported units. The imported range includes straight bore modular heads that fit most moulders and shapers. Heads can be supplied to any one of four different hook angles, special bore sizes and to include special features.

All heads are precision CNC machined from high strength steel and ISO GQ1.0 balanced to 9,000rpm. Heads exceed stringent European OEM standards to produce smooth material finishes with years of trouble free use.

Cutting angles of 10, 12, 15 or 20 degrees, or a combination of these are available in the same cutterhead for cutting both hardwoods and softwoods.

A range of 4, 6, 8 10 and 12 Knife Hydro-Locking Bore Moulder Heads are also available for high speed production moulders.

By offering both locally manufactured and imported planer heads, We Can has positioned itself to be able to offer customers the best possible value with a wide range of standard sizes and custom made options.

Typical cutter heads produced by We Can :

  • Side and top/bottom heads for Stetson Ross planers.

  • Cutter heads with self-centering sleeves.

  • Plain bore heads for all planers and moulders.

  • Hydrolock heads for all planers and moulders.

  • Cutter heads with external split end cones and lock nuts as used on Robinson planers.

  • Square heads.

  • Splitter heads.

  • Special double shear heads for machining picket fences.

EP4 Solid Profile Woodworking Cutters & Heads
EP5 & EP7 Solid Profile Woodworking Cutters & Heads
EP6 Finger Joint Cutter With Replaceable Knives
Planing & Profiling Heads

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